Antoine Boyer presents “Caméléon Waltz”

Caméléon Waltz, the title of Antoine Boyer’s new album, gives us the key to his approach. We know that one of the characteristics of the chameleon is its capacity to change color according to its moods and emotions. In this album, Antoine changes guitar throughout twelve short and intense pieces, all recorded solo (a perilous project, as no dubbing or re-cording was used). Nylon strings guitar on four tunes, steel strings guitar or electric jazz guitar on each of four others; three types of guitars that are also reminiscent of the three beats of the waltz. Antoine blends six covers of great musical variety, all performed with his own original arrangements, and six very personal and inspired compositions. Six in major keys six in minor keys, half of them binary, half of them ternary. However, no esoteric intent in this near-perfect balance; only a very precise approach aimed at exposing each guitar’s various sound possibilities.
Using cords and melody, arpeggios and picking techniques, Antoine explores un every piece the polyphonic capabilities of the guitar, which he plays like a pianist (his admiration for Bill Evans is no surprise, as he covers We will meet again and dedicates Waltz for Bill to him). His approach, corking simultaneously at rhythmic, melodic and harmonic levels, yields great unity. These twelve demanding mediations, sometimes full of gravity, blending irresistibly powerful episodes with more peaceful moments, reflect a rare interiority and intensity for a 21-year-old musician.
This isn’t only about guitar but also and especially music, played by a poet of the strings whose brillant technique never ceases to serve musical aesthetics.

Francis Couvreux



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