Dafné Kritharas presents “Djoyas de mar”

Twelve songs from the Aegean Sea interpreted like so many creations with the freshness, intensity and clarity of a first romantic encounter. 

Born in 1992 in Paris of a Greek father and French mother, DAFNÉ KRITHARAS’s inspiration lies at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western worlds. She grew up to the sound of Judeo-Spanish songs interpreted by her cousin, the cellist Bahia El Bacha.

Very early on, singing as a means to express the intimate realm became obvious to her. She sings in Greek and Judeo-Spanish, as well as in French, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish or Turkish, attune with the discoveries and travels she shares with her partner: guitarist and songwriter PAUL BARREYRE.

The album “Djoyas de mar features twelve tracks, including seven in Greek and five in Judeo-Spanish. With their mixed in uence, these songs are linked to the experience of exile and uprooting. Musical arrangements are by pianist, improviser and composer CAMILLE EL BACHA.He is currently exploring his musical universe with Jean-François Zygel at the CNDSMDP (Paris National Conservatory for Dance and Music). NAGHIB SHANBEHZADEH, young prodigy of Eastern percussion and founding member, alongside his father, of the Shanbehzadeh Ensemble, has added his personal touch to the album.The album “Djoyas de mar” was recorded under the artistic direction of THOMAS VINGTRINIER (Sirba Octet, Manu Chao, Michel Portal, Edna Stern…) in September 2017 at Studio Sequenza.



Facebook: paul.dafne

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/veev-com/sets/dafne-kritharas-djoyas-de-mar

Videos: Aïdinikos Choros



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