La Cumbia Chicharra presents “Hijo de Tigre”

This new release from Cumbia Chicharra is likely to make you roar. Luxuriance invades the city to the sound of drums. The cumbia spreads to the hips and contaminates all musical continents from afrobeat and Caribbean groove to funk and sulphurous dub.

The new compositions of the group were born somewhere between a tour of Chile and the Marseillan night. The inspiration spreads, it doesn’t enclose itself in one style or landscape. Themes of Colombia or Cuba, respond to percussive and sonic discoveries, the psyche and trance are never far away.

Hijo de Tigre” – (Son of Tiger). This third album from Cumbia Chicharra is energizing and sensual. A brilliant step in the long adventure of this frenzied collective of musicians.




Videos: La Weá ; Marsellesita




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